Hello! My name is Alex Felicia Gilljam. Call me Alex. I hail from Stockholm (in the socialist dystopia of Sweden), though you would never know it from my accent, which ranges from vaguely Londonian to generic American. I’m a geeky introvert with an intense need for closeness and communication with other humans – a hivemind hermit.

I share my life with a small but wonderful bunch of people: My biological family, my chosen family of friends and partners, and my two ragdoll cats, Chessie and Guybrush. On my blog, I also share parts of it with anyone who’s interested!

I am a programmer, having studied .NET development and now doing game development in Unity3D. I’m currently studying Game Design at FutureGames.

Alex using Vive controllers

Programming is just one of many things I’m good at, though. If you look up “Jack of all trades” in the dictionary, you won’t find my picture next to it (because that would be silly), but it is definitely an expression that could be applied to me.

Skills of mine include but are not limited to:

  • Drawing a decent still life
  • Singing, playing the violin and reading music
  • Designing planner inserts in InDesign
  • Keeping bees
  • Changing tires on my car
  • Cooking nice food (unless my friends are all liars) and baking excellent cakes
  • Knowing lots of stuff about biology (and basic concepts of most natural sciences)
  • Painting houses, inside and out
  • Cross-stitching
  • Cutting and dyeing hair, including my own
  • Keeping houseplants alive
  • Explaining things
  • Gardening

I like to think about gender, sexuality and relationships a lot. This has resulted in me largely abandoning traditional ideas about these things. Pressed to accept labels, I would style myself “agender”, “queer” and “relationship anarchist”. For pronouns, I prefer they/them (hen or den in Swedish).

Neurodiversity is another topic close to heart. Though I currently have no formal diagnoses, I display behaviours consistent with ADHD and Asperger syndrome. Many of these are masked by socialisation to the point where you wouldn’t be able to guess if you met me. I also have a lot of experience with anxiety, probably thanks to growing up in a society ill-suited to how my brain works. Hopefully that’s mostly in the past — these days, I’m medicated and motivated!

I love biology, to the point where I studied it at university for four years before I realised my generalist disposition means I’m ill suited to become a researcher. Instead, I channel this love into gardening, aquaristics, caring for houseplants and watching nature documentaries.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please use this contact form, send me a question through tumblr, or look me up on social media.