I am currently deepening my understanding of game development by studying game design. I am also a freelance web developer, specialising in creating WordPress websites for small businesses and organizations.

Background and Profile

I have a varied background, having spent a decade on labours of love within academia, the NGO sector as well as professional beekeeping. This has given me a wide base of experience with different tasks outside of IT and programming, ranging from administration and bookkeeping to product development and marketing. My interest in web development has tended to assert itself within all these areas, however, and I have often been in charge of websites both as developer and editor.

At heart I am a generalist rather than a specialist; I’m simply too curious to learn just one thing at a time. In today’s society it is easy to feel like this is a flaw, but I have come to appreciate the advantages this can give me, especially in smaller organizations. I like to know how various disciplines intersect and work with one another, and rather than focus intensively on one small topic or area I prefer to get a wider angle. Thus I like to get involved in several aspects of a project, be it working on several tasks concurrently or simply existing as a sounding board for my teammates.

I find exploring new territory incredibly exciting, and this together with my ability to learn new skills very quickly is a great asset in the way I prefer to work. I am usually proficient in the basics of software and technology that is new to me within hours of first use.

Game Programming

If you are looking for a junior programmer for your game development team, well, you’ve found me! I have a strong passion for games both as entertainment, as an artform and as tools of education. I am currently focusing on my attentions on C# for Unity3D.

The .NET development programme at Nackademin vocational university gave me a broad basic knowledge of the .NET platform. While I left the programme before completion, as I realised I wanted to focus on game development, it gave me invaluable experience with C#, SQL, databases, web development, and more.

Through an internship at Really Interactive, a developer of reality bending video games and applications, I’ve gotten the opportunity to explore different aspects of game development. I’ve worked on everything from core game mechanics, to creating more peripheral tools such as a screenshot function and a haptic vibration manager.

At the moment, I’m studying Game Design at FutureGames, a vocational school in Stockholm, and am not looking for full-time employment. However, next year I will be in the market for an internship as part of this education.

Web Development

These days there are plenty of tools that help people to manage websites, but setting one up can still be troublesome for those who don’t have the time to learn. I have been building and maintaining websites since I first “discovered” the internet at age 13, and have plenty of experience setting up solutions for blog networks, small businesses as well as organisations with thousands of members. These days I primarily work with WordPress, but I’m also experienced with Joomla, Episerver, Umbraco, Drupal, Visma SPCS and more.

If you are on a tight budget but need to improve your web presence, be it by setting up a landing page for your one-man company or starting a stylish blog, I can help. Feel free to contact me using this form, through LinkedIn, or directly through e-mail at alex dot gilljam at gmail dot com.